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Terms of Service

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services concluded between AT-Liegenschaftsverwertung GmbH or Hotel 201 (hereinafter Hotel 201) and third parties (hereinafter guest).

These terms and conditions apply in particular to contracts for the leasing of hotel rooms for accomodation, as well as all other services and deliveries of Hotel 201 rendered to the guest. The contract is valid only with these terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions of the guest do not apply.

2. Conclusion of contract, partners, liability

With the reservation of a hotel room the guest offers Hotel 201 the conclusion of an accommodation contract. Subject to availability, the guest of Hotel 201 will receive a reservation or booking number. Hotel 201 does not send any postal reservation or booking confirmations. The contract is concluded either with the guest’s receipt of the reservation or booking number, the guest’s payment, or at the latest with the handing over of access authorization to the guest. The guest is advised that reservation or booking numbers of third parties (such as internet portals or booking platforms) do not have to be identical and do not trigger the conclusion of a contract. Hotel 201 is free to confirm the booking in writing and / or to conclude the contract on the condition that the contracting party makes a deposit or pays the fee in advance. The price of the total booked services must be paid by the guest at the latest on arrival at Hotel 201 in advance.

Contractual partners are Hotel 201 and the guest. If a third party has ordered for the guest, they are liable to Hotel 201 together with the guest as joint debtor for all obligations arising from the accommodation contract.

By concluding an accommodation contract, the guest only acquires the right to the general use of the rented rooms and the facilities. Subletting or re-letting of the rented rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation is prohibited.

Offers from Hotel 201 are non-binding. Hotel 201 is entitled, at its own discretion, to reject the conclusion of an accommodation contract with a guest.

Newspaper advertisements, other advertising measures and publications relating to Hotel 201 require the written consent of Hotel 201.

3. Service, room allocation, handover and return

Hotel 201 is obliged to keep the rooms, booked by the guest, available and to render the agreed services, provided that the guest fulfills his payment obligation. The guest is not entitled to the allocation of a specific room. He has only a claim to the allocation of a hotel room of the booked room category.

Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 3pm on the day of arrival and until 10am on the day of departure.

On the day of departure the rooms are to be vacated at 10am. Thereafter, Hotel 201 may charge 100% of the full accommodation price (list price) beyond all thereby incurred expenses, for the additional use of the room.

In case of no-show of the guest, the full amount of the booked stay minus any saved expenses will be charged.

4. Prices, taxes, fees, duties

The guest is obligated to pay the agreed or authorized price of Hotel 201 for the room rental and other services used by him. This also applies to services instructed by the customer and expenses of Hotel 201 to third parties.

The agreed prices include all statutory taxes, fees and charges. Hotel 201 reserves the right to adjust these prices in the event of changes in taxes, fees, and royalty rates, as well as the effective levy of new taxes, fees, and charges previously unknown to the parties.

If the period between conclusion of the contract and performance of the contract exceeds 4 months and the price charged by Hotel 201 for such services generally increases, Hotel 201 may increase the contractually agreed price reasonably, but not by more than 15%. The prices may also be changed by Hotel 201 if the guest subsequently wishes to change the number of guests or rooms or the room category, the hotel's service or the length of stay of the guest, and Hotel 201 agrees.

5. Methods of Payment

Accepted methods of payment are: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay, V Pay.

Providing services for later payment on account is not possible.

6. Terms of Use

Guests have to use the hotel room with caution and care.

Other guests must be taken in consideration and have to be respected.

The rest period is from 10pm to 6am.

Guests are not allowed to cook any food brought along, with the exception of the room category "Apartment", where a kitchenette is available.

Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult guest at all times during their stay at the hotel.

Employees and agents of Hotel 201 are entitled to enter the hotel room during the stay of the guest for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance, to carry out repair work and the like.

7. No smoking policy, fire alarm system

Hotel 201 is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is therefore prohibited in the entire building. In the event of violation, Hotel 201 shall be entitled to demand compensation from the guest for the separately applicable cleaning costs, including any loss of sales resulting from the inability to rent the room.

In the event of a fire alarm due to fault of the guest, all costs incurred in direct connection with it, e.g. the arrival of the fire brigade or the subsequent costs to restore the operating condition, are to be borne solely by the guest.

8. Pets

Pets are not allowed at Hotel 201.

9. Cancellation policy

Cancellation up to 14 days before the day of arrival is free of charge. Thereafter, 70% of the total amount will be charged. For reservations and bookings by third parties (internet portals, booking platforms) special cancellation conditions apply. For unused rooms or in case of early departure 100% of the total amount will be charged.

10. Illness or death of a guest

If a guest falls ill during his stay at our tourist accommodation, Hotel 201 will arrange for medical care on request of the guest. If there is an immediate risk, Hotel 201 will arrange for medical care even without special request of the guest, especially if there is a necessity or urgency and the guest is not able to do so himself.

As long as the guest is unable to make decisions or the guest's relatives can not be contacted, Hotel 201 will arrange for medical treatment at the guest's expense. However, the scope of these measures ends when the guest can make decisions or when a family member has been notified of the illness.

Hotel 201 has claims against the contracting party and the guest or in case of death against their legal successors, in particular for the following costs:

  • open medical expenses, costs for ambulance, medication and remedies
  • necessary room disinfection
  • unusable laundry, bed linen and bed furnishings, otherwise for the disinfection or thorough cleaning of all these items
  • Restoration of walls, furnishings, carpets, etc. as far as they have been contaminated or damaged in connection with the illness or death
  • Room rental, as far as the space was used by the guest, plus any days of non-use of the rooms due to disinfection, eviction or similar
  • any other damages incurred by Hotel 201

11. Cancellation by the hotel

Hotel 201 shall be entitled to extraordinary cancellation of the contract for justifiable cause:

  • in case of act of nature beyond control or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible and /or make the fulfillment of the contract impossible
  • rooms were booked under misleading or misrepresenting facts, e.g. the personal data of the guest or the purpose of the booking
  • there is reasonable reason to assume that the use of our hotel services can jeopardize the smooth operation of business, without this being accredited to the domain or organization of the hotel or being a material breach of these „General Terms and Conditions“.

Hotel 201 must immediately inform the guest of the right of withdrawal. In the case of a justified cancellation by the hotel, the customer shall not be entitled to compensation or reduction of the agreed fee.

12. Liability of Hotel 201

Hotel 201 is liable for its contractual obligations. If the guest is a consumer, the hotel’s liability for slight negligence is excluded, except personal injury.

If the guest is an entrepreneur, the hotel’s liability for slight negligence is excluded. In this case, the guest bears the burden of proof of guilt. Consequential, intangible and indirect damage as well as lost profits are not replaced. The damage to be replaced always finds its limit in the interest due to reliance on trustworthiness of the agreement. This limitation of liability applies to all cases of possible damages.

Should faults or deficiencies in services of the hotel occur, Hotel 201 will make every effort, in the event of knowledge or immediate notification of the guest, to take remedial action. The guest is obliged to do their best to remedy the incident and minimize possible damage. In addition, the guest is obliged to inform Hotel 201 in good time about the possibility of causing an exceptionally high damage.

For property brought in, the hotel is liable to the guest according to the legal provisions, "Gastwirtehaftung nach §§ 970 ff ABGB“ (innkeepers’ liability), i.e. the hotel is liable for the guest's property up to the statutory amounts. The amount of any liability of Hotel 201 is limited to a maximum of the liability insurance sum of Hotel 201.

If the guest is provided with a parking space at the hotel’s car park, no custody agreement will be concluded. Hotel 201 has no monitoring obligation. Hotel 201 is not liable for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked on hotel property and their contents, except in case of intent or gross negligence. This also applies to vicarious hotel agents.

Messages, mail and merchandise for guests are not accepted by Hotel 201. The guest is strongly advised not to store or leave any cash, jewelry or valuables in the hotel room or parked vehicle unattended. Should the guest nevertheless do so, Hotel 201 accepts no liability for theft or loss.

13. Video surveillance

By booking any hotel services, the guest or contract partner agrees that video surveillance is present in all public areas as well as the outdoor area of the site.

14. Final clause

Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of the application or these terms and conditions for the hotel admission must be made in writing. A change of form also requires the written form. Unilateral changes or additions by the guest are ineffective. Place of fulfillment and payment is the hotel’s registered domicile.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the commercial domicile of the hotel. For consumers, the jurisdiction of the consumer applies. Austrian law applies, excluding the conflict of laws rules and the UN Sales Convention. In the case of loopholes, the relevant statutory provisions apply. Should one of the above provisions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of any other provision. Instead of the invalid provisions, a valid regulation applies, which comes as close as possible to them.